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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jair: Post 2

So if you read my last blog on God's redemption in my life, I was so excited that God presented this opportunity and I wasn't actually sure that this was an answer to prayer or just a night to share God with a young lost kid in my broken Spanish. Our plan was for Monday after our weekly 40/40 meeting at 9:00. I wasn't sure that he would show up or not but my prayer was that this would continue so I headed to the Chifa joint that we ate at previously. As I walked up, I was relieved to see him approach the restaurant as well. However, he had a friend. I hesitated at first because I didn't know if his friends intentions. I wondered if he too wanted the free meal. Either way I asked them if they wanted to head in and get something to eat.

I was surprised at their response. They suggested that we go to the park and talk; their actions suggested that they weren't interested in the food so that's absolutely what we did. As I've been studying and preparing a bible study out of 1 Peter for our group revolving around Discipleship, the theme of the first two verses struck me. God's Love was overwhelming theme, that God loved us before we were born before we could even develop a pleasing character. You see, I only had one thing that I hoped to accomplish with Jair that night. I wanted to get to know Jair and now Pool and explain that I love them, period. Even before I get a chance to know their character. I want them to understand that fact and that two: I can't wait to get to know them because God wants to know us and has excellent plans for us. I explained those things which they seemed to enjoy hearing, we talked for over an hour at the park about boxing, why they box (which is to protect the innocent) Jair becoming a police officer, Pool studying computers, their intense desire to train, why I'm here as missionary and about their families. Pool is 21 and doesn't know his father as well and his mother lives outside of town about an hour, he two lives with his aunt across the street from Jair. That night Pool did most of the talking and was very interested which I was very excited to see that he wasn't there for just the food.

I then asked them if they did want to eat because I did still have reading and PowerPoint presentation to make for class the next day. Their response was that they would love to help me read the material, so I invited them upstairs to our apartment where they met Tracy, saw a picture of Kai and I grabbed my materials. Jair ate the last two grilled cheese sandwiches left over from the dinner on the way out. They were both very polite which I was also glad to see because at this point I'm still unsure of their intentions, I just want them to know that were an open door and that they are always welcome. So we headed back to the Chifa joint they ate some chicken and fried bananas and read my homework. The wording was very theological and it was about missionary church planting which wasn't quite up their ally but they helped anyway. Their consensus after another hour of hanging out was that I would be better off reading it because I was the missionary. Very true, now it's 11:30ish and I haven't read much or prepared anything for tomorrow. Now worries this is why I'm here, so we finished up and decided to meet again together at my house in four days. Praise the Lord for this opportunity, Pool seems very outgoing and genuine and Jair seems a little young and trying to figure out life a bit. I just can't believe this situation; my prayer that they would continue ask questions, that they would show up at our next meeting and that God would do a work on their hearts. Thanks for reading and I would appreciate your prayers for these two!!

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