Our family is in Peru for two years to serve with Extreme Nazarene. We are living in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado supporting our team of 8 missionaries as 12 churches are planted here in 18 months! Please keep checking in to keep up on our our ministry and adventures in Peru!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Update and Prayers

I am so sorry for the lack of posting lately! After arriving back from our vacation we have hit the ground running and it has been crazy! Along with getting back into normal ministry craziness we are planning for some big events coming up. This Friday 20 Short term volunteers will be arriving for a week long mission project here in Puerto. While there is a usually a group from Arequipa that comes and is in charge of these, this time it is all up to us. Hotels, food and a basic schedule for the week has been worked out...check! Tyson had a vision a while back for a huge soccer tournament here in Puerto. He has worked hard to make this happen and it is planned for this Saturday! There will be games going on in different communities throughout the day and then the final games will take place in a stadium. The awesome part of this tournament and the purpose for it is to get as many men as possible to the stadium that night to hear the testimony of Felix Vargas. He is an ex-Columbian drug cartel member and is now a Pastor in Paraguay! He has an amazing testimony and we are praying the for hearts of men in the city to turn to Jesus through this day long event. Tyson has been on TV promoting it, running around to the different fields talking to players and doing all he can to spread the word. He and pastor have worked to involve the city and they are donating Bibles even...how awesome is that! Also, Sunday we have Lona Bopat coming from the US to share her testimony at a women´s conference we will be putting on. The rest of the week we will be doing kids festivals, movies, visiting the women´s prison and many other events. On Thursday the Short term volunteers will get on a plane and head to Arequipa and we will will be a few hours behind them. June 19th in Arequipa we will be part of Love Extreme. It will be huge day of ministry, speakers, music and opportunities to share Christ with the people of Arequipa. To be honest will all that is going on here in Puerto I don´t have a full grasp of what we will be up to in Arequipa but know that is will be full, busy and wonderful! We will be there for two weeks following the project and Tyson will be working on the construction site helping translate. And then for 3 days in the beggining of July we will enjoy a little break and will have our retreat with all of Extreme. All that to say there is a ton coming up and so much to be excited for...we are anticipating miracles and seeing the hand of the Lord moving!
With all of this we need prayers now more than ever! Thank you to all of you who have been faithfully praying for us...here are some specifics:
  • Pray for the short term volunteers coming down. Pray for their safety in traveling and that they would touch lives here and that their lives would be touched.
  • Pray for teams to sign up for the soccer tournament (they seem to wait for the last minute here but we are getting down to the wire).
  • Pray for the stadium to be filled with men and their families on Saturday night...that they would be open to hearing God´s Word through the testimony of Felix Vargas. Pray that the hearts of the men in this city would turn to Jesus.
  • Pray for the Women´s conference next Sunday...for women to hear the truth and desire to follow Jesus.
  • Pray for health and energy for our team and family over the next few weeks of intense work and ministry.
  • Pray for the team in Arequipa as they prepare for tons of short term and long term volunteers coming in a couple weeks as well as for all the ministry events that will be happening. Pray the people of Arequipa to be open to the Gospel.

I´m sure there is more but all in all prayers, prayers, prayers are so appreciated! God bless you all and I will be better about keeping you all updated.

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Tracey said...

WOW lots going on and I can't believe Love extreme is already here! will be lifting you up and HEY DON'T FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF...I know the all caps is like yelling but I really mean it sister!!!