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Friday, February 6, 2009

Packing and cleaning and moving, oh my!

These last two weeks have been filled with packing and moving and sorting and decisions and phone calls and paperwork and cleaning...it has been beyond exhausting to me but we are almost there. Today Kai is at the coast with Boppa & Pa (Ty's parents) and we will meet them over there tonight for a weekend of relaxing and family time. I am taking advantage of today's freedom and have spent the morning at the coffee shop reading, relaxing and blogging, and will spend the rest of the afternoon shampooing carpets...woo hoo! We still don't have renters (we are now trying to rent our house since there has been no interest from buyers). Your prayers for quality renters would be greatly appreciated...or someone to come along to just buy it:)

Through the packing we have found many thing. The main thing I am praising the Lord about is that I found Kai's plane tickets!! They had mailed us a paper ticket for some reason and then I misplaced it and was told I would need to purchase a new one if we didn't find it. After many tears and stress and prayers I found it along with some other important stuff I didn't realize I was missing;) Thank you Jesus!

I have also found an enormous amount of change that I decided would support my coffee habit for the remainder of our time in the US.
I was also amazed at the number of guitar picks I found in all sorts of places all over the house. I found the most in our bathrooms...due to the "amazing acoustics" the bathrooms possess.
We would appreciate all your prayers as we finish up our jobs next week and finish all our preparations. We leave two weeks from yesterday....crazy! The Lord faithfulness has been so evident down to every detail...it is overwhelming the love He has shown us in the little details. Thank you to everyone for their prayers, encouragement and support. We are so incredibly blessed with amazing family, friends and church family. We love you all!

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Shannon said...

I cant' believe the time has come so quickly- what a task you have before you- the Lord will surely bless your willing hearts. We look forward to getting updates and will be praying for you. Love you!