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Friday, February 6, 2009


Goodbyes are hard. This last weekend my sister, niece and mom came for a quick visit. They helped us with our garage sale, some packing and spent lots of time playing with our boy. It was great to see them but hard to realize it will be two years before we see them again. I love my family and even though don't tell them enough, I appreciate them and am incredibly thankful for them! I didn't cry when we said goodbye, because I don't cry when it is appropriate or expected. I cry later, when I process, when I am in the middle of a coffee shop writing about them...like now, with strangers all around and tears down my face. I love you guys. thank you for your love and support!
Kai with Auntie Wicky...I mean Vicky:)

Me and my big sis...
Kai playing trains with Grandma Julie
Me and my sweet baby niece, Jaylee...
Oh wait! She is no baby anymore! I love this girl. I remember when she was born...literally, I was in 8th grade but Vicky asked me to be in the room when Jaylee was born and it was an amazing experience. They let me babysit her when she was a baby and have always felt a special bond with her. Now she is in 8th grade...the age I was when she was born....wow! I am sad that I will miss her 8th grade graduation, her first couple years of high school and it is crazy to think she will be driving when we get back! I am proud of you Jaylee, for the beautiful girl you have turned into both inside and out, for your boldness, your humor, your honesty, for the way you love people and the way you love Jesus! I love you!
~Auntie Tracy:)

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