Our family is in Peru for two years to serve with Extreme Nazarene. We are living in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado supporting our team of 8 missionaries as 12 churches are planted here in 18 months! Please keep checking in to keep up on our our ministry and adventures in Peru!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lima...and on to Puerto!

So we left Iquitos Sunday night. We came with Olivia and Andrew who continued on to Puerto Monday morning. The rest of our team is finishing up school and will leave Iquitos next Monday. We have spent the last couple days in Lima. We finished up Kai's residency process so he is now a Peruvian resident along with us and it is great to have that done. Other than that we have been enjoying things like hot showers, fast internet, American food, starbucks and driving in cars. I actually said these words to Kai today: "Tomorrow we go on another airplane but while we are here we get to ride in cars which is just as fun." And to him, it probably is:) It is so funny what becomes exciting and amazing when you have been away from it for so long;)
Tyson and Kai in front of a fountain in Lima (the big city)
Tomorrow morning we fly out to Puerto, our new home! We are filled with excitement and anticipation. We can't wait to see friends from our church in McMinnville who are on the short term trip working on our house. We also get to see Extreme team members we haven't seen since leaving Arequipa! Mostly, we are excited to finally be in the place we have been praying for, preparing for and thinking about for so long. Thank you all for your prayers and we look forward to sharing pictures and stories of our new city soon! God Bless!

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Vicky said...

Very Cool! It is so good to hear all the paperwork is complete. Marc and I have prayed fro that. My class is very excited to hear of your adventures. We are praying the rest of your travels will go quickly and safely!
Love Vicky