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Thursday, January 7, 2010

4 years!

Tyson and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary a couple weeks ago. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe we have been married 4 years already. But then I think back to all that we have experienced together and it seems crazy it has fit into only 4 little years:) This past year has been packed full of its own joys and challenges. We have packed up our lives and moved to Peru, lived in three separate cities within Peru (which means we have set up and tried to establish “home” three different times), we have learned (and continue to learn) a new language and culture, faced the challenges of raising a 2-year-old (anyone hear me on that one), we have walked with our team through victories and disappointments, had our own victories and disappointments, learned again and again that the Lord is mighty and great and bigger then our circumstances and have watched him work in the lives of his people.
We have also faced the challenge of learning how to work together as husband and wife in every area of our lives. This has been one of my biggest challenges and biggest joys this past year. We went from a united couple who had our own jobs and ministries, to being a couple fully united and engaged in every area of life—marriage, family, ministry and the responsibilities that go with that. The first few months for me were such a challenge to learn to work together, how to honor and compliment Tyson in all areas, and how to separate family life from ministry life once in a while. I cannot say I have figured it out, but, I am now seeing the fruits of our time and work together in regards to our relationship. I feel closer to my husband now more than ever, I appreciate him and understand him better more and more each day. I have learned he has amazing instincts; his heart is even bigger than I thought; and his honesty is more often than not, just what I need. I love him now more than ever and my loves grows more and more each day. I know the Lord has grown the roots of our relationship deeper in Him and has prepared us to face all that this next year will bring.
This past month has been the hardest for me yet in Peru. I have not struggled much with culture shock until now (a little delayed, yes) and this, along with a mix of other things have caused me to fall back more in the arms of my husband, knowing with assurance that the strength and love he gives me comes from our Lord. I have a loving, faithful, God-fearing husband and we serve a faithful God. The Lord’s faithfulness has been so evident throughout our entire marriage but this past year He has showered us with blessings, answers to prayer and love beyond what I had imagined. Thank you to all who have partnered with us through prayer and support, each of you are examples to His faithfulness to us. Today I ask for your continued prayers—for our ministry but also for our marriage, not because we are struggling, but because we don’t want to wait until we are to ask:) Please pray that we continued to be united, to encourage and lift each other up. Pray that our marriage could be an example of a loving, godly marriage to our team, church and neighbors, and that it would honor our Lord in all circumstances. Four years ago this verse was printed on our program “He is before all things and in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17. Those words continue to ring true for us as we have seen the evidence of his going before us, and as we have felt his arms around us and our team, holding us together. We are privileged to serve such a great and loving God!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Tracy & Tyson!
Good job letting HIS light shine.
-The Sharp Family