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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eres Todopoderoso

Eres todopoderoso (You are all powerful)
Eres grande, majestoso (You are great, majestic)
Eres fuerte, invinsible (You are strong, invinsible)
y no hay nadie como tu! (And there is noone like you)
I love this song, it has wonderful words and truth to it. It is also the song of my son. He sings it everyday...most of the day. He belts it out at the top of this lungs to his Lord. Sometimes he changes the words or mixes them up. My favorite is¨Eres guapo como yo¨ (you are handsome like me). During the short term trip we did a service in a new community and Tyson helped lead worship. They did this song and Kai ran up front and proudly sang next to his Daddy to his Father in heaven. It was precious to me...

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Erin said...

Due to the new hormone levels in my body, I would greatly appreciate a warning for touching and wonderful posts regarding your precious son so I don't cry for 5 minutes straight! Thanks so much :) Less than one month until I see you!!