Our family is in Peru for two years to serve with Extreme Nazarene. We are living in the jungle city of Puerto Maldonado supporting our team of 8 missionaries as 12 churches are planted here in 18 months! Please keep checking in to keep up on our our ministry and adventures in Peru!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the jungle went awesome. We had a group of 11 youth and 3 adults from the US, plus a team from Arequipa and our team here in Puerto. They did an amazing job and we were so proud of everyone. We put on Kid's Festivals, Jesus Films, skits, sports events, and services. Home church locations were painted and tons of clean up was done to the outside areas where they do kids activities and movies. We had a social action day at a school across the river and over 70 kids had their hair washed, de-liced and cut. Over 2800 people were contacted and over 270 came forward to commit or recommit in a decision for Christ. The teens worked so hard and had such wonderful attitudes. They did not have a lot of words but they shared Christ through their hard work and kindness to the people here. One morning they were painting one of the home church locations and a lady walking by stopped to find out what all these Americans were doing. She asked if she could help and one of our Peruvians hung with her throughout the morning. She asked questions about why they were here and what it was all about. She was impressed at the work they were doing. She asked more questions and ended up accepting Christ! The next day she was out passing out flyers for one of our events. She had been visiting family from Cusco so we gave her the name and information for the church in Cusco! What an awesome example of the witness of service!
Thank you to all who came to serve with us here, you were a joy and a blessing to us and Puerto!

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