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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am happy to announce that we have officially graduated from language school! Friday we had a little ceremony at the school because 8 of us have completed our time there. We received certificates, gifts from the school (dictionaries for the guys and novels in Spanish for the girls), there were short speeches by one of the host mothers, Olivia, and Carmen, the director of the school. What is funny is that in the history of the school (12 years) this is the first time there has ever been a "graduation", but the girls wanted one and put it together and Carmen seemed to love the idea:)
It was great to be done and great to get a certificate. But for me, the best part was Carmen saying how much they had enjoyed having our group. She told me that there was something special about our group. I hope so, because I believe that "something special" was Christ in us. Our prayer is that in the relationships we made there, the conversations we had, there were seeds planted that would be nurtured as more groups from Extreme come through the school!
The group of us that graduated that day

Me with my teachers Mary & Roy. I feel very blessed to have had them for teachers. Mary and my minds worked very similarly so it was easy to understand concepts from her. Roy is extremely intelligent and a very sweet person. He was always so patient with me and knew when I needed a break and a laugh. Along with the help of the Lord they have taught me Spanish!! Thank you!

Tyson with his professors. Actually, Tyson had a ton of different professors (he counted 9 in all)...so these are the final two he had in these last weeks.

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Tracey said...

congrats guys I know how hard this was for you guys and we are so proud of you! Can't wait to hear you speaking like a Peruvian and have you translate for us in August!